Data analytics & data strategy for your success

We offer support in data analysis and design of a sustainable information strategy as part of your consulting projects or for your own business. We are trained specialists with extensive experience in the relevant fields of Data Science, Information Technology, Mathematics and Stochastics. We are your partner in the development of complex predictive models. We use your data and tell you, for example, what your customers want tomorrow.

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Data Analytics

We are your partner for analytical services and predictive analytics in complex, data-driven consulting situations. We make data available and reinforce your analysis skills.

Data Extraction

We collect large amounts of data from complex systems and processes.

Data Quality

We use data cleansing, matching and enrichment in order to increase data quality.

Predictive Analytics

Ad hoc data analysis without recourse to investments from existing IT budgets and big data projects.


Understandable and attractive visualization of the developed analysis as decision paper.

Data Consulting

We support your customer projects in the design and implementation of data-driven business processes. We mediate potentials and requirements between business and technology perspective.

Data Strategy

We analyze the existing data of your customers and identify potentials for monetization.

Data Management

We advise on data utilization and technology for demand-oriented technology projects.

Data Review

You get courses of action to continuously improve data quality in consideration of reliability and data protection.


Our team members have worked in diverse projects over the last years, among others with the following topics:

Creation of a predictive model for the utilization of tariffs for a service provider

  • Modeling the behavior of existing customers
  • Statement about utilization of new tariff structures

Creation of a GIS-based risk atlas and updating of a self-learning risk model

  • Bayesian formulation of multivariate risks
  • Determination of probability densities
  • Application to new records

Assistance in the preparation of requirement plans for fire protection

  • Creation of drive time isochrones
  • Calculation of alarm speeds by means of linear optimization
  • Site optimization
  • Risk assessment and – modeling

Site optimization using graph algorithms

  • Determination of drive time isochrones
  • Calculation of optimal coverage areas
  • Scenario calculation of potential sites

Analysis of buying behavior in the FMCG sector

  • Development of a self-service conjoint analyses
  • Development of a self-service analysis for co-promotion
  • Development of a self-service analysis for substitute, and complementary products

Automatic creation of decision trees for the FMCG sector

  • Development of a self-service creation of decision trees
  • Analysis of purchasing behavior inside and outside of a Category
    • Structuring and optimization of retail hierarchies
    • Identification of cannibalization
    • Prediction of consumer behavior within a category
    • Evaluation of product attributes

Prescriptive analytics for the FMCG sector

  • Development of a self-service analysis of relevant ratios and periods
  • Safeguarding of retail hierarchies

Reliability determination of components in manufacturing

  • Stochastic survival models for component manufacturing
  • Maximum likelihood methods for lifetime estimation