Big Data. AI. Digital.

We support our customers in the digitalization and introduction of artificial intelligence (AI).
Our passion are disruptive digital products and solutions. We combine pragmatism and knowledge from top universities worldwide. Our customers include the global industry leaders from consulting, chemicals, retail, hosting and insurance.



Conception of a data strategy for company-wide data usage. We analyse your customers’ data and identify potential for monetization. We combine this data with the goal of data-driven decisions.


  • IoT architecture for predictive maintenance and system automation (M2M communication)
  • Rapid prototyping and engineering of hardware and software
  • Geobased predictions and systems

AI and Big Data

  • Natural Language Processing for Chatbots
  • Deep Learning for Sensors and Assistance Systems
  • Integration with Big Data

Cloud Enablement

  • Data Engineering and Data Science in the Cloud
  • Container technology and Kubernetes
  • CI/CD for Machine Learning
  • Cloud-native, highly scalable and available applications
  • Site Reliability Engineering for BigData Applications

Rapid Prototyping

Good solutions result from a deep understanding of the problem.

Who doesn’t know the problem better than you do? No consultant will know your problem as good as you…

We use your understanding of the problem and our many years of technology experience for a tailor-made solution. Together we develop a prototype step by step and test it against your requirements. Within a few days we will jointly achieve a first marketable product.

This is the basis of a trusting collaboration.