Wir beraten für die digitale Produktentwicklung und Prozessoptimierung

Data Science & Technologieberatung

Big Data. Artificial Intelligence (AI). Digital.

niologic is a leading Data Science consultancy from Germany. We support our customers in digitization and the introduction of Artificial Inteligence (AI).W

Disruptive digital products and solutions are our passion. Our team unites pragmatism and knowledge from top-tier universities around the globe. Our customer base includes global industry leaders in manufacturing, consulting, chemistry, retail, hosting and insurance. In total our clients generate over 164 billion USD in annual revenue (2019).

From our headquarters in the outskirts of Cologne we support clients all over Germany, Europe and the US in Data Science Consulting and algorithms for Deep Learning

Consulting and Implementation for Big Data and Data Science

Strategic conulting

  • Conception of a data strategy for company-wide data usage
  • Potential analysis for data usage
  • Data-driven decision making through the integration of all relevant data
  • IT Due Diligence, IT Reviews and IT Audits


  • IoT architecture for Predictive Maintenance and system automation (M2M-Communication)
  • Rapid Prototyping and engineering of hardware and software
  • Geo based predictions and systems
  • Tech Due Diligence

AI and Big Data

  • Data Science consulting
  • AI Due Diligence
  • Development of location based services
  • Deep Learning for sensors and assistance systems
  • Integration with Big Data

Cloud Enablement

  • Data Engineering and Data Science within the Cloud
  • Container technology and Kubernetes
  • CI/CD for Machine Learning
  • Cloud-native, upscalable  and high-available applications
  • Site Reliability Engineering for Big Data applications

Learn more about our consulting services and the possibilities of Big Data Analytics and Deep Learning / AI. Get in touch and we will directly schedule an appointment!

Rapid Prototyping and Data Science

Good solutions result from a deep understanding of the problem. Is there anyone who is more familiar with the problem than you? — No consultant in the world will know the problem as well as you do…

We use your understanding of the problem and our long-standing experience with technology for a custom solution. Together we develop a prototype step by step. Afterwards, we test the prototype according to your requirements. Within only a few days of working together we will achieve a ready-to-launch product. This marks the foundation of a trusting collaboration.