Las Vegas, USA, Sept. 11th 2017: Today, Worldhostingdays, the organizers behind the leading conference series for domains and webhosting, and niologic announced a strategic partnership. Both partners will cooperate in providing detailed insights and analytics for the visitors of the conference series, starting with today’s conference in Las Vegas.

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We meet a lot of managers and executives who have transformed their software and hardware engineering into an agile manner. The degree of adoption and success is surely varying with peoples’ passion and budgets. The next wave of evolution is Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly Data Science. With citizen blockchain already doing the paperwork for the next initiative – I believe AI to be an extension to engineering paving the way for intelligent software, as Tim O’Reilly stated. Consequently, I suggest herein a new role for agile teams: The Product Analyst, which is a data scientist embedded into multifunctional software teams.

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Wir haben die Beschreibung unserer Lösungen um vorausschauende Polizeiarbeit (Englisch: Predictive Policing) erweitert. Near-Repeats bzw. Wiederholungstaten bei Wohnungseinbrüchen können somit lokal eingegrenzt werden und durch entsprechende Polizeiarbeit konzentriert bekämpft werden. Diese Vorhersagen beziehen sich auf die unmittelbare Zukunft weniger Tage. Auch lassen sich Krminalitätsschwerpunkte erkennen und Defizite aufdecken.

In der nahen Zukunft werden wir eine entsprechende Fallstudie online stellen.

Predictive Firefighting is explained with a case study by employing freely available data from the Seattle Fire Department. A risk model for demand planing is shown.

The City of Seattle / USA publishes a great amount of data regarding public services as their contribution to OpenData USA. Among other sources, Seattle also publishes past years of data from 911 emergency service dispatch. Taking those data and analyzing them with our Premergency solution for Predictive Firefighting is the base of the current article. The results show how to derive future emergencies in fire services with past data. A distinction and prognosis for types of emergencies and temporal frequency is possible. Read more

Karte für die Verteilung von Flüchtlingen innerhalb Deutschlands

Erftstadt/Germany, 22nd of December 2015 – Motivated by the refugee crisis in Europe we present a visualization for the distribution of arriving refugees. With our online tool a visualization of the current situation given by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees are easily understandable on a municipal level. Read more

Presentation during startup Expo in Cologne

niologic contributes with a booth to the StartupExpo happening in parallel to the conference StartupCon. Save the date: in Cologne, town hall Gürzenich, from 08:00 to 18:00 on 2015/10/23.

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After some editorial work we present herewith our new homepage. Here, you will find interesting information and reports about our services.

We will steadily continue to expand this blog over time and our range of information. Please check in regularly. Thank you.