Data analysis for complex, data-driven consulting situations.

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niologic was established to facilitate data analyses for medium-sized consultancies and business customers.

Founder and CEO Dr. Alexander Nichau states: “Many companies and consulting firms store high amounts of data collected in each department and company branch without knowing its true value. Unfortunately, medium-sized businesses often lack a central unit that controls data collection and re-use in order to make quickly make data available. Therefore, niologic was founded with the goal of making Big Data and Data Science available for the middle class. Our values are trust, team spirit, competition, learning readiness, science, creating values, quality, communication and ethics.”

Also, these values are fundamental to customer projects. Data is rapidly becoming information, algorithms ensure the prediction of future customer and business developments. Although niologic is still a very young company, the team has many years of project experience in the areas of big data, cloud, data analysis and stochastics.

Dr. Alexander Nichau: “If our customers can not have their own data specialists due to business growth and increasing complexity, niologic takes over. We have gathered extensive project experience in the B2B sector. We work as interim CTOs in the consulting projects of our clients or strengthen our business customer’s internal analytical capacity. Our strength is the rapid generation of information from enterprise data, which we extract from the heterogeneous data sources of our customers. Based on that, we provide ad hoc analysis and forecasting models.”

Industry 4.0 and predictive analytics are hotly debated topics among customers. Niologic guides its customers from the mere collecting of data and descriptive indicators towards forecasts of future business developments. The elaboration of a common company or enterprise-wide data strategy is often crucial for demand-oriented development of a central data center and an independent team for data science. Dr. Alexander Nichau explains: “Many customers want to use their data profitably and more profoundly. But few have the resources to start their own Digital. In that case, a targeted information strategy is the better way.”

Dr. Alexander Nichau: “We are transforming companies into data-driven businesses. At the same time, our consulting solutions ensure the required data quality. Especially, when it comes to inorganic growth, we act as a moderator and implementor at the same time. We allow fast interdepartmental data analysis across various heterogeneous data structures. Usually including further consolidation.” The extensive experience in complex data projects and big data in to a petabyte range allows the team to assess and implement complex distributed systems for data storage and analysis.

Dr. Alexander Nichau

Dr. Alexander Nichau

Interview with the founder and executive director