Fire and Rescue Service

Predictive Firefighting – Controlling and risk-oriented demand planning

Controlling and risk-oriented demand planning

Predictive Firefighting

Your fire department or firebrigade wants to build required demand plans itself? We provide counselation and all necessary data analysis and predictive analytics. We create self-learning risk models (so-called Predictive Firefighting) for your operations and demand planning. We also take over the collection of target and actual state. On request, we support you with the full constitution of your fire brigade, fire department or ambulance service requirement plans.

This universal risk model can be applied to both industrial environments and public services. Therefore, chemical sites and their requirements planning for industrial emergency response i.e. factory fire brigades and fire departments can benefit from predictive analytics as well.

How does this work?

We use the latest self-learning algorithms for risk modeling and work with you to the relevant risk factors. On request we also realize real-time models using predictive analytics for fire prevention at your fire department or fire brigade. By combining with GIS you get planning tools and risk models for your demand planning.

Your benefits

  • Implementation of self-service reports for service coverage and other indicators of fire safety and rescue service (fire department or fire brigade)
  • Optimization of your key performance indicators for controlling in respect to demand planning
  • Creation of coverage analysis by driving tests and drive time
  • Automating your emergency transport and fire protection statistics
  • Availability analysis of volunteer staff
  • Site analysis and optimization using our product Premergency for risk models and predictive analytics
  • Reachability analysis of sites using geographic information systems (GIS)

Get more information about our consulting product Premergency for predictive analytics in fire fighting.