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Predictive modeling for new product plans

Data-driven product management

Predictive modeling for new product plans

US cloud services and offers push the margin of your services. You want to influence the market and present innovative products.

Which new product features can you offer at a given margin? What is the technical usage of your existing product features among customers?

By analyzing your historical data and external parameters, we can tell you how probable the utilization of your new services and how large your expected profit margin will be. We extract the necessary data from your data sources and DWH structures and work together with your data-driven product management.

Fleet management for servers

Reliability for server farming

In a context of virtualization the downtime of individual machines is minimized. However, what about system reliability? Are there critical (network) components whose breakdown could stop the complete cluster? What about power consumption in case of near-breakdown operations? We identify critical paths in your fleet management and DC operations. We implement automation, predictive algorithms for early outage recognition and improved maintenance plans.

Your benefits

  • Market influence on receiving of margin targets
  • Reduced risk of  margin decline
  • Increased planning freedom compared to classical descriptive approaches
  • Analytical reinforcement for big data analyses in product management
  • Improved reliability and decreased operating expenses with predictive maintenance

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