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Lean data integration of new divisions

Lean data integration of new divisions

You are just integrating a new company in your portfolio. You want to adjust the key performance indicators and figures of merit of the new company to the existing divisions. However, the alignment of IT and project management takes months to complete. Your aim is to stay lean and agile.

Then we are your partner: We quickly extract the necessary data for your group reporting and make them available in a joint management dashboards. Agile analyses about all new and old company divisions become possible even before full alignment of the new company. You can stay lean in a phase of important decisions.

At the same time we can develop a group-wide data strategy for you, so that you can evaluate optimization potential in more depth than only pointing on existing margin information.

Your benefits

  • Enabling agile analyzes before complete integration
  • Better control and coordination of the new business units
  • Quick overview and transparency of business data
  • Operational overview of products and services beyond a previous audit
  • Kick-off for leveraging data-driven structures and Industry 4.0