Knowing what customers want.

Forecasting and pattern recognition for your business processes

Knowing what customers want.

As a retail company, you are already very strong in the use of key indicator systems and descriptive statistics. How fast however are your systems when combining different questions? Would you like to predict how your sales will behave the next business day based on your existing product hierarchy, transaction data and external data? Or what product bundles are promoted best? Which products can be substituted? Do you want to optimize your product hierarchy? Get in touch. With the help of perfectly suited predictions, we will find the answer together.

How does this work?

We implement your questions parallel to any existing self-service BI solutions as a forecasting solution that complements your descriptive indicators. For example, your employees require the necessary knowledge for individual recommendations in the online shop. Our algorithms make it available. Using powerful scaled databases we ensure that your analyses and recommendations will be delivered on short notice. A self-service portal gives you access to your forecasting results.

Your advantages