Know what your customers want.

Dynamic Pricing, Product Line Optimization, Competition Analyses

Know what your customers want.

As a retail or e-commerce company you are already doing well at applying indicator systems, descriptive statistics. You know what your customers want. We support your demand-oriented strategies with dynamic pricing solutionsproduct line optimizations (substitution, cross-selling, upselling), and extensive analyses of your competition. For long-lasting customer retention.

Do you want to combine multiple issues within you analytics? Would you like to be able to predict how your sales rate will behave throughout the next days, based on product data, transaction data, or external data? Which bundles are being advertised the most effectively? Which products can be substituted? Would you like to optimize your product hierarchy?

We offer customized retail analytics solutions. With extensive customer analytics, an optimization of your pricing structure, or churn prevention we offer tailor-made solutions for your company.

As a leading Data Science consultancy with longstanding experience in retail, we will work together to find a solution to meet all your needs.

Your advantages

Product line optimization

  • Identification of combined purchases for bundles and co-marketing and cross-selling.

  • Identification of substitute and complementary products

  • Structuring and optimization of retail hierarchies. Discover upselling potentials.

  • Identification of cannibalizations

  • Predicting the buying behaviour within a specific category

  • Evaluation of product attributes

Pricing and Competitor Analyses

  • Customer-oriented pricing strategy

  • Automatized pricing with Dynamic Pricing Solution

  • Keep an eye on your competitors: strategic advantages of pricing

  • Long-term customer retention


  • Integration into existing data warehouse structures

  • Development of self-service analyses for relevant indicators and time frames

  • Smart product recommendations

Niologic is your partner for Product Line Optimization, Dynamic Pricing and Competition Analyses

For increased customer satisfaction and sustainable business success

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Data Science, IT, and Big Data provide infinite possibilities for the retail and e-commerce industry. Internal data, cash systems and customer data may provide valuable insight. Together we derive strategies, based on these insights, to successfully guide your company into the future.

Subsequently, we sum up possibilities and assess further options for your optimization of business strategies and long-term customer retention.

Product Line Optimization

As an e-commerce or retail business, your success is highly influenced by your product line. Information regarding the buying behavior of your customers and the performance of singular products or product categories are a strategically valuable tool for your business success.

With our product line optimization, we help you to predict the buying behavior of your customers. Furthermore, we identify products for cross-selling or upselling. This way, you can increase your revenue with the existing product line.

Additionally, we support you in identifying possible substitute or complementary goods to optimize your product hierarchy.

Pricing Solutions and Analyses of your Competition

Together, we develop a sustainable pricing strategy. We support you with the introduction of dynamic pricing – hence, a dynamic and demand-oriented pricing strategy.

Moreover, e-commerce and retail are highly competitive fields. Therefore, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competition and consider these insights in the pricing strategy.

Customer-oriented marketing

For you as a retail company customer satisfaction has a top priority. In order to thrill your customers, it is especially important to know and meet their desires. With an extensive customer analysis you identify customers with high revenue potential. This way, you always know when to advertise which product.

With targeted marketing you make target-oriented addresses to the right customers. You recognize patterns and increase your upselling potential. We optimize your marketing campaigns regarding location and target audience. Also, we help you identify customers on the verge of cancelling and apply preventive measures (Churn Prevention). Finally, we derive predictions based on our analyses, so that you are perfectly prepared for possible changes.

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With our Smart Analytics and Datawarehousing solutions, a combination of marketing and business data becomes possible. This way, you gain a 360° view of all business processes – from marketing and sales up to logistics.

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Location Analyses

Along with customer-oriented marketing, the choice of the right location marks a crucial issue for retailers. Picking the wrong location may have negative effects on your company’s revenue. We support you in the quest for the perfect location.

To achieve this, we create a geo-based optimization model. This model analyzes multiple location-based factors and creates prognoses regarding the effects of the location on your business processes. Potential location-based factors may be infrastructural or economical, etc. Also, external parameters are regarded as locally significant.

Are there any specific factors you consider important in the choice of your location? No Problem! In individual strategy meetings with your experts, we define the criteria for the location analyses. This way, we develop a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

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Demand-based Prognoses

We offer extensive Big Data solutions for demand-based prognoses and automatic disposition. We optimize each step of your supply chain based on complex analyses. Self-learning algorithms predict sales for each individual store. This way you make sure you always dispose of sufficient capacities and products.

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How does this work?

We implement your questions parallel to the existing self-service BI solution as a prognostic solution, completing your descriptive indicators. Meanwhile, we rely on your internal knowledge regarding online shop recommendations. Using efficient databases we make sure to quickly obtain the results of your analyses and directly deploy recommendations. We gain access to the results using a self-service platform.

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