Churn Prevention

Identify customer behavior at the right time

Churn Prevention

Identify customer behavior at the right time

Churn prevention or Churn Management refers to the analysis of your interactions with existing customers and their experience with your products. By processing data from contract management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and operative data within in a data analysis , you can derive patterns, which identify customers or accounts on the verge of cancelling.

A high detection rate is important in order to support your team members in getting the right customer to stay. These measures are crucial, as attracting new customers is a lot more expensive then keeping existing clients.

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Advantages of an algorithmic system for Churn Prevention

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Long-term customer relations

  • Stabilized client base

  • Independent evaluations and ease of work for your experts

  • Pattern recognition and behavioral recognition for identifying your customers

  • Targeted use of your customer retention budget

  • Lower marketing costs for new customers

  • Efficient software algorithms trained specifically for your individual needs

Stabilize your customer base and profit from our Churn Management

The biggest challenge of Churn Prevention lies is finding the best measures to effectively avoid an imminent churn. In a data analysis profitability and individual requests of customers are collected. Those form crucial indicators for a successful Churn Prevention.

Measures for recovering or holding customers are often assigned a specific budget for customer retention.

The key to a long-term customer relation

Our solution identify and simulate customer behavior . Which customer can be held by making an attractive special offer? Make targeted use of your customer retention budget using our prognostic models  and stabilize your customer base via Churn Prevention. Self-leaning systems ensure constant adaptions to current behavior based on structured data, unstructured or polyglot data of your CRM and contract management.

How does this work?

Our algorithms for data-driven Churn Management include all accessible information to derive patterns and to make predictions. Big Data from multiple data sources  is analyzed and strucutured to, for example, evaluate the communicaiton with your customer.