Churn Prevention

Identify customer behavior in time

Identify customer behavior in time

Customer behavior can be identified and simulated by our solutions. Which cancelation willed client can be held by an attractive offer? Take a forecasting model for a targeted use of your customer retention budgets and stabilize your customer base. Self-learning systems provide constant adjustments to the current behavior and build on your existing structured and unstructured data of CRM and contract management.

How does this work?

Our algorithms involve all available information in order to recognize patterns and make predictions. Large amounts of data can be analyzed and structured for example to assess the communication history with the customer.

Your benefits

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Independent evaluation and discharge your clerk
  • Samples and behavioral detection to identify your customers
  • Targeted use of your Customer Retention budgets
  • Stabilization of your customer base
  • Relief of the marketing budget for new customers