Customer analysis

Identify and target customer groups

Customer analysis and insights

Identify and target customer groups

Customer groups and their purchasing behavior can be identified by our solutions. Self-learning systems provide constant adjustments to the current behavior. For example, customers with higher revenue potential can be identified and selectively approached.

How does this work?

Our algorithms analyze your existing customers and transaction data to build up a customer segmentation. Huge amounts of data are in-memory processed to identify behavioral patterns of your customers and derive predictions. Thus, you can always identify and know the interests of your customer groups.

Your benefits

  • Behavioral detection to identify your customers
  • Modeling of customer groups on a joint basis with your customers expert (customer segmentation)
  • Produce tailored product recommendations in real time and thus increase your sales
  • Dynamic pricing of your products involving internal and external factors
  • Improve all phases of the customer lifecycle management!