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Predictive Maintenance and Fleet Management

Increased reliability and less downtime

Industrie 4.0

More reliability, less down time

Today many machines possess a high quantity of sensors, which during operation, continuously collect data. At the same time, the reliability data of many components are made available by the manufacturer. Data generated during operation can be processed with Big Data and Predictive Analytics and analyzed within Predictive Maintenance.

Industry 4.0 uses data to detect irregularities during operation to preventively identify maintenance windows. This process is called Predictive Maintenance and is an important step to ensure a gapless Supply Chain Management.

Your benefits

  • Demand-oriented planning of maintenance windows for your customers

  • Increased reliability for your fleet management as a service provider

  • Reduction of unintended outages

  • Avoid resulting damages

  • Decreased workload related energy usage

  • Increased system reliability

  • Use your sensor data for process automation

  • Online overview of production data and machine conditions

Increase efficiency and avoid outages

Decrease downtimes and machine workload

With Predictive Maintenance as a service provide you can operate your fleet management more flexibly and provide your customers proactively with maintenance windows, spare parts or devices. With the Predictive Maintenance of your machines you reduce unintended outages and avoid resulting costs. Additionally Predictive Maintenance, combined with a smart sales planning, enables an efficient Supply Chain Management, since you now know at an early stage, which part is needed where. Complex relations within ordering spare parts and other material are increased and, on the long run, lead to reduced inventory cost.

Altogether, Industry 4.0 provides the opportunity of assessing each cost position. This includes companies with a well established production monitoring as well as small and mid-tier companies. For the latter, we also possess experience in process optimization to gradually atomize and introduce data-driven processes.

Predictive Maintenance

We feed all sensor data from your machines into a self-learning system. With the help of weighted input factors we calculate outage probabilities.  For this purpose current machine parameters are compared to specifications and historical data. Finally, a Predictive Maintenance model, which quickly and reliably detects irregularities.

Optimize fleet management

Since the development of the CAN bus system it has become common to equip utility vehicle fleets with ISDN modems and maintenance modules. Where maintenance is required this enables  long distance diagnoses for your utility vehicle fleet management. Today, the opportunity arises to equip your vehicle fleet with LTE or GPRS to permanently assess the vehicle’s condition. Thus, you can act early to plan a repair. The goal of that system is to detect imminent problems on due time in order to offer sufficient time. At the same time, unnecessary repairs can be avoided.

As a mid-tier company, Predictive Maintenance allows you to minimize maintenance windows and costs for spare parts. This allows you to work efficiently. Mobile vehicles and stationary vehicle fleets can be monitored via the internet and predictive algorithms.

If you already possess of a high quantity of sensors within your machines or production chains, we offer implementations and consulting solutions with our products Analytics and Data Stratosphere. We provide you with tools for process optimization and to reduce outages – in production and in customer projects. After a training phase, already controlled LEAN or SixSigma processes are identified. In the end, you will receive a gapless Supply Chain Management.

Wenn sie bereits über eine Vielzahl von Sensorik in ihren Maschinen oder Produktionsketten verfügen, bieten wir mit unseren Produkten Analytics und Data Stratosphere Beratungs- und Implementierungsmaßnahmen an. Sie erhalten Werkzeuge zur gezielten Prozessverbesserung und Reduktion von Ausfällen – beim Kunden und in der Produktion. Bereits kontrollierte Prozesse aus LEAN und SixSigma werden automatisiert. Abweichungen in Produktion und Betrieb werden nach einer Trainingsphase ebenfalls erkannt. Sie erhalten ein lückenloses Supply Chain Management.