Design and Optimization of Tariff plans

Market influence upon receiving target margins

Pricing optimization

Market influence upon receiving target margins

You want to introduce new product rates and thereby significantly increase the product features? You want to put pressure on the market? How many customers are likely to completely use up the capacity of your new tariffs? What kind of a profit margin can be expected?

We create forecasts for you in order to offer customized and margin optimized tariffs.

How does this work?

Our algorithms anonymously reflect historical customer data, in order to measure the current distribution (probability density) of various tariff parameters. Combined with additional parameters we create a prediction of the expected customer behavior, the expected margin distribution or the expected margin. This way, you can influence the market without fearing a decline of your margin.

Your benefits

  • Market influence upon receiving target margins
  • Reduced risk of a margin decline
  • Increased freedom of  planning in contrast to a classical descriptive design