Site optimization

Optimization of location-based business processes

Location Analyses for Retailers

Business and location analyses in retail are a fundamental part of your business plan. Especially, when it comes to choosing the right location for your business.  Location-based factors are crucial to your success.

We help you find the perfect location for your business with geo-based analyses and sales forecasts for individual stores, increasing revenues.

Your advantages

  • Sales forecasts for each store

  • automated analyses for each location

  • geo-based and socio-demographic analyses

  • reach the right customers

  • increase your revenue

Niologic is your partner for location analyses in retail

Gain strategic advantages

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Niologic is your partner for location analyses in retail

Gain strategic advantages

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Routing and site analyses

Market and location analyses as part of the business plan are an important foundation to decide on a company’s location. Location factors are an elemental indicator for a successful business site.

Optimization of your location-based business processes

We use geo-based algorithms for site optimization combined with algorithms for mathematical optimization. Together with you we establish the according parameters drawing on GIS models and graph analyses. With new technologies, such as graph databases and In-Memory we analyze Big Data. This allows us to understand your questions mathematically and to visualize the results.

We portray geo-based risk models as well as expextation and profit models. These services are applicable to the public sector, insurance companies, delivery services and logistics, retail.

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