Supplier credit management

Supplier credit management is risik management

Supplier credit management is risk management

Particularly in the SME delinquencies can mean existential losses. Traditionally, the management and reminder of payment delays or even non-payment is seen as claims or credit management. Optimizing the claims management is becoming increasingly important. The aim is the introduction of risk management for customers in addition to credit management and to prevent payment default in advance by the selection of trustworthy customers or contractors.

We optimize your credit management through a comprehensive, analytical risk management. We implement processes to avoid defaults. A risk-based accounts credit management combines your business data with external scoring and reduces the risk of payment defaults clearly. To this end we are implementing B2B credit checks for the SME with our partners and create so-called behavioral scorecards. These behavioral scorecards evaluate the probability that an existing customer in the course of the business relationship can no longer meet payment obligations. By real time interfacing with external scoring these scorecards update automatically. You always get a current assessment of your business partner as part of your risk management. You transform your reactive credit or claims management to a preventive instrument.

How does this work?

Our risk models rely on scoring of our external partners and in collaboration with you defined internal parameters. These models are constantly retrained to meet predictions about possible defaults. Integrated into your business processes they automate decision making.

Your benefits

  • Better protection for your business against non-payment
  • Optimized processes through integration of our risk models
  • Fewer customers in dunning
  • Identification and prevention of fraud