Targeted Marketing

Identify customer behavior and benefit from it

Identify customer behavior and benefit from it

Customer behavior can be identified and simulated by our solutions. Self-learning systems constantly adapt to current behavior identifying customers with higher sales potential. Allow us to optimize your marketing campaigns in order to improve your conversion rate based on location and target group, so that you can provide your customers with a customized live offer.

How does this work?

To make prediction, our algorithms include all available information, weighted according to the specific situation. Therefore, huge amounts of data are processed to identify your customer’s behavioral patterns, on which predictions are based. This enables you to always identify your customers and know their interests.

Your benefits

  • Recognition of behavior and patterns in order to identify customers
  • Enhance the range of your marketing campaigns and increase the conversion rate according to target group and location
  • Make real-time recommendations and thereby increase your sales (upsell).
  • Dynamic prizing of your products, relying on internal and external factors