• Site optimization and sales forecast

Customer oriented marketing

Identify and harness customer behavior.

Targeted Marketing

Identify and harness customer behavior

Applying targeted marketing in your company you put customers at the heart of executive decisions. By focussing your customers, you increase efficiency and quality within all customer related processes. One of which: Churn Prevention.

Your advantages

  • Recognitions of patterns and behavior to identify your customers

  • Extend the range of your marketing campaigns

  • Increased conversion rate based on target audience and location

  • More efficient closures by addressing the right customers

  • Recommend specific products in real time and increase your sales (upselling)

  • Dynamic pricing of your products considering internal and external factors

Adjust your marketing to perfectly meet the desires of your customers

Thrill your customers

As a customer oriented company you have to thrill your customers and you have to know and meet their specific desires. Within CRM tools customer expectation form the base for customer oriented actions within marketing automation. They should be implemented as a process of constant improvement within Targeted Marketing (also known as Targeted Advertising or Targeting). This can be achieved via a continuous competitive analysis (e.g. Porter’s five forces analysis).

Within multiple segments of marketing, customer groups are identified via machine learning (customer analytics). After that they are evaluated and categorized according to probability of success. This segmentation is made possible by using existing customer data and interactions (account, CRM, additional data).

Within this process, various models of segmentations are calculated with the identified parameters. Later on we compare the error rates to control groups. Self-learning systems insure constant adaptions to current behavior by delivering new data online to the marketing automation system. Meanwhile the model is trained continuously decreasing error rates. Targeted Marketing considers specific wishes or expectations of customers, making them calculable.

This way, you identify customers with higher potential revenue (ABS analysis). We carry out targeted and geo-based optimizations of your marketing campaigns, so that you can make individual offers to each customer, ensuring an increased conversion rate. In online shops you can make targeted recommendations (Targeted Advertizing). Said recommendations may add up to 35 %  of total revenue.

Customer segmentation

Our algorithms consider all available information in order to make predictions. Huge amounts of data are processed to recognize behavioral patterns among your customers and derive predictions. This way you can identify your customers and are always aware of their interests.

In addition, we calculate predictors, which mark determining factors for successful closures or upselling. We merge insights from various data sources and channels for continuous profiling.